Relax, the hard part’s done, but now That we have provided you with a slick new tat to show off, there is a bit of work on your part, Aftercare.  Here is a little information regarding some proven aftercare methods.


• Touch with Clean Hands Only (don’t fondle         your art)

• Apply Healing ointment for initial healing

• Use Unscented/hypoallergenic

   Moisturizing lotion thereafter.

• Do Not pick or scratch ( you’re not 10 and     it’s not a scab so leave it)

• Keep out of direct sunlight


Piercings can require a bit more care than your average tattoo, depending on placement.  We have provided a couple viewable/download-able links below, regarding your piercings aftercare so you can always have this information with you.






Aftercare needs may vary from person to person as well as placement of the Tattoo or Piercing. If you have questions or concerns regarding aftercare, we are here 7 days a week to answer your questions.  Action Tattoo will not be held responsible for physical implications or disputes as a result of improper aftercare of Tattoos or Piercings.

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